Jordan Walsh

Right now he’s fast twitch on steroids. To put it in another metaphor, he’s Walter White throwing down mercury fulminate at Tuco Salamanca. When his fast twitch game slows down and he becomes Heisenberg, we will have something special. It’s just a matter of time when the game breaks good for him. I can feel it in my bones. By the end of March he will be our most efficient player.


Can’t wait for the game to slow down for him. BTW, my boss’ name is Walter White.

I love the way he’s so locked in on defense…offensively he’s so rushed and off balance. I’m not sure I feel he’ll be our most efficient player, but if his offense come around, watch out world.

Yep, and I believe he will rise to the occasion. So much talent on this team, Muss is a conductor doing his best to bring each individual to a resounding success.

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