Jordan Walsh

Great interview with Jordan on Pig Trail Nation. I love the kid’s attitude!

When we sign a major recruit, with almost all of them it is hard for me to predict how good they are going to be until they actually play. But with this guy, just watching him and listening to him, I feel greatness from him.

In my years of watching Hogs basketball, I have had this feeling with only a few players that I can recall. Ron Brewer, Alvin Robertson, Todd Day, Corliss Williamson and Joe Johnson. Now Walsh.


Great kid with a 41" vertical. The roof is gonna blow off The Bud next year when he gets out on the break and KK throws him a lob.


Guess you’re talking about “Dad”. He was special, but not like Sid. Sure would have been nice to have the 3 on that team, though.

PJ— hope you’re feeling turns out the same as it was for the guys on your list!

All of the triplets, to the man, say that Boot was the best of the three. I don’t know if I agree with that, but that is what they say.

I’m getting into old fart territory these days, but I was just a kid when The Triplets played, so I can’t really comment on them. I will agree that PJ is right when he says Corliss and Joe were “can’t miss” prospects. That was evident the first time you saw them play as Hogs. Obviously, I was there with Corliss, but the very first time I saw Joe play, I knew he had “it.”
I would also say that I thought Darnell Robinson had “it” when I watched him frustrate Rasheed Wallace into getting tossed in the McDonald’s AA game, but Darnell was lazy. He helped us win a natty, but he could have been soooo much more than what he turned out to be.

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My comment was how I felt when they signed with us and not when they ended their college career.

I never got the feeling Sid was going to be great when he signed with us. His skills were just not developed at that point whereas Ron was a complete player and I could see greatness. I have to say though Sid exceeded my expectations by ten fold and ultimately was a greater player than Ron.

I had no idea who Sidney was when recruited. I had heard of the other two. I remember his first game… It was in Barton, I think against Tulane on a very big day for the football team in LR. It was a double header of sorts.

Sidney came in the game and the guy next to me yelled something like show them Sid. You are home now. I thought who is that slim little guy and what is he doing under the basket. Suddenly, a pass came to him from Boot and up he came through the trees and laid it in (last season you could not dunk). Soon afterwards, a shot was missed and that little guy somehow got the rebound, went back up over the trees and scored. I learned who he was after that. He was number 32, the GOAT of Hog Basketball!


I thought Alvin Robertson was pretty much an unknown coming out of junior college. Recruiting wasn’t covered much then.

As I recall, Catholic High’s Chris Bennett got more ink than Sidney when they signed with the Hogs.

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The reason I had that feeling about Alvin is I had seen him play few times before when he played at Crowder College. I remember my coworker and I looking at each other and saying this guy is going to be an All-American. He had a motor unlike what I had seen before and seem to score whenever he wanted to. Again, players I mentioned is my personal opinion and not a consensus feeling of Razorback fans,

But to your point, you are right that he wasn’t well known by the fans. But in those days, RD and DD didn’t work that hard to provide recruit information. Just kidding. Recruiting was barely covered in those days.

I remember Bennett getting hype, which may have been due to pigmentation, but he was a Parade AA which was a big deal at the time (McD came along later).

Sidney wasn’t hyped as much as Boot and Marvin either, possibly due to Hall not being as good a team (remember the state title game battle between Northside and Conway at Barton, which was allegedly the biggest crowd ever to see a basketball game in Arkansas at the time. I saw photos of the crowd; nah. There were no seats on the floor at Barton at all.)

I had forgotten that the dunk was banned for so long but Jim is correct. You couldn’t dunk Sid’s freshman year.

This thread went off the rails real quick, lol. Have any of you watched the interview with Jordan? Very impressive.

Which interview? Do you have a link?

Jordan did a 15 minute interview on Pig Trail Nation yesterday. You can find it on YouTube. Like I said, very impressive young man.

I remember Bennett having knee problems, which impacted his college career.

Walsh seems like a great kid and he will have phenomenal success in life- thanks for pointing out the Pig Trail Nation interview, really enjoyed it. There are so many high character student-athletes, coaches, etc involved in UA basketball and UA athletics in general at this time

I’m around 30 and can’t remember a time when I was prouder to be a hog fan (the wins in all sports are nice too!)


My bad J. I’ll add that you had placed Walsh with a bunch of Arkansas greats…that is high, high praise…my point is that you didn’t even mention Sid or Marvin…high praise.

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Honestly, Danny, like I said, I’m not old enough to remember much about The Triplets, but I know how great they were.