Jordan Walsh will

visit for the Tennessee and Kentucky games.

His parents will be at the Kentucky game.

Others for the Kentucky game:

The Blockers:

Nick Smith Jr.

'23 big Brandon Garrison

'23 Dallas Thomas is a maybe.


That will be Awesome environment for them!

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Gonna be a lot of star power in The Bud the next 2 weekends, RD. Can you confirm that Anthony Black will be coming to either game? Obviously, that’s the word on the street.

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Not yet.

I assume you are trying to find out?

If he visits, I promise you I will report it.

What street are you hearing this on?

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Just getting it 2nd hand from the Twitterverse and a few guys on here, but I won’t trust it until I hear it from you or DD. Sure hope it is true.


He’s saying Muss is trying to get him in here for either or both, also saying Jordan Walsh is bringing the PF that plays with him at Link.


I was just joking on the street thing.

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Lol. I have a feeling you and I would have a lot of fun knocking back a few beers, RD. Don’t forget that I’ve pledged $500 towards the tab at Herman’s, for anybody on here that wants to come, if we land Black. Although, now I’m wondering if we should meet up at Wright’s or the Catfish Hole (I gotta try that steak) instead…assuming they both serve cold beer?

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Where you live?

Rogers…where the streets have no name, lol.

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Sent you a DM

Now what’s this? I love Hermans.


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