Jordan Walsh, NMU

In his weekend wrapup this morning, Seth Davis at The Athletic had this to say:

It’s always tough when a team loses an important player to a season-ending injury, but it’s also interesting to see which teams are able to find that proverbial Next Man Up. At Arkansas, the NMU is Jordan Walsh, a 6-7 freshman forward who has scored 30 points the last two games after scoring a total of 31 in the previous six combined. Walsh has been a starter since the second game, but his scoring has provided a much-needed lift since the team’s invaluable sixth man Trevon Brazile, a 6-10 sophomore forward who transferred from Missouri, was lost to a torn ACL he suffered during a Dec. 6 win over UNC Greensboro.

In his separate article on his AP Top 25 bracket, he mentioned that the Hogs are tough to rate: Lost to Creighton without NSJ, best win was against San Diego State the next night, Nick is back but TB is gone, and the best game since then was the OU game. So with all of that, he left the Hogs at 14th on his ballot. We’ll know more after the Auburn-Bama stretch in a couple of weeks.

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I would agree with that. Very difficult to rate right now. I do know that Creighton now is not even a shadow of what it was in Maui. I know their big man has been out, but don’t understand what happened to their guards and shooting. When we played them, they could not miss and most of the time, they were well covered.

You get nights like that, even against good teams. Remember opening night at BWA when we blew Misery out of the building and halfway to Springfield. That was an Elite Eight team we beat by 52. It didn’t matter what they did, we scored. Of course we were an NC-caliber team, and proved it by winning the natty, but you don’t blow out teams that good by 52 very often.

It is unfortunate that our pre-SEC schedule has evolved to have been lame. Tough to prepare for your first SEC game - and one that’s on the road.

I don’t even think our coach knows what we have.

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You think Muss doesn’t know what he has?
Keep being you, Danny.


I suspect he has a pretty good idea what he’s got as far as the individual players, but probably is wondering what the capability of the team may be some night when they put it all together in one game.

That will be an awesome sight!

True to a fault.

I believe he knows.



I my sure he struggles shaving in the morning, hard not to with a huge grin on his face, yeah he knows! WPS


I really like Walsh and always have. The game is slowing down a little bit for him now and he realizes that with TB gone and no guarantee that Nick Smith is going to last a year with his current knee situation, that he better start working on his offensive game.
He is not come close to becoming the player he can be.

I have mentioned this before. I saw him in a five-star camp where they were going one-on-one with each other and Walsh schooled all of those guys with some smooth post moves, he has a good touch and can get that shot off against pretty much anybody if he really wants to and he’s a good free throw shooter

Three-point shot will continue to improve because he has very good form and is now getting some confidence. He just has to worry about staying out of foul trouble

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That’s what I see, maybe the best of our top 7.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Early in the year he seemed to be feeling his way around. Now, he seems to be in attack mode, and when he is, he’s tough.

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Walsh was deadly from midrange in high school (well, he was deadly from everywhere in high school). Fake the 3, two bounces to separate from the defender, then drain a 10-12 footer … Jordan can get that shot anytime he wants it.



A lost art- the midrange game. Still as effective as ever, if not more, when you can hit the 3.

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I want to see more of that, partially because he can rebound; then it’s a four footer.

I think you will see him start to hit that quite a bit because in those games where they’re not calling the fouls or he’s having trouble finishing at The rim. I think you will see him start to shoot that little 10 or 12 footer

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Last year I saw JW as an extremely talented ball of energy that at times seemed to push him beyond his game. That was high school, and high school players are raw responding to their budding abilities not yet fully realized much less harnessed into a consistent dependable effort. Every game shows less spillage in his performance as he has learned to harness and focus this energy into his play. We can now begin to why JW is every bit the equal contributor to RC4, NSJ, AB…It is hard to imagine the achieved heights had TB’s injury not occurred. Yesterday I looked at Duke’s top-rated frosh class losing to Wake and wonder again why this group was not rated even higher. We are Indeed fortunate to have this level of talent wearing Cardinal Red emblazoned with a Running Razorback. Almost time for the women in San Deigo!


Strange low scoring first half in the women’s game…27 - 18 Hogs