Jordan Walsh & Jordan Classic

As most know, Jordan sprained his ankle at the GEICO Nationals championship game and will not be competing in the game. He will be on the sideline with the team.

When is the game, RD?



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Is it only gonna be streamed…no TV?

It doesn’t appear to be after checking with one person that should know but will asked a few others.


That is one of the coolest gyms I have ever seen.


No doubt!

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Yeah, but I would think shooting with blue sky as a background would be a little distracting.

It appears like that gym is on an upper floor of a skyscraper.

It really is… I’ve had the opportunity to shoot commercials there and it’s not far from one of my former studio locations in the West Loop.

Here’s more information and pictures since I can’t share mine due to NDA’s.

17th Floor West Loop Gym, Chicago


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