Jordan Walsh its time to step up

Here lately he’s been starting but TB was coming in pretty quick for him and Jordan wasn’t seeing much time after that. I hope Jordan can get mentally prepared to step up because he has all the gifts athletically to get it done.

I will say that there is nobody on the team that can do what TB can do. Hopefully maybe two guys can do the work of TB. What may happen is a light may come on for someone that will now get more run then they have been.

Last night it looked like Muss chose to go small ball in the second half with Devo playing the 4. It worked out because the 4 for UNC what ya ma call it, wasn’t very good.

I really feel bad for TB. He was on his way to being a for sure first round pick this year. I tore my acl years ago playing pick up ball. The moment it happened the pop was so loud that I thought I broke my leg in half. The pain for the next 15 minutes was awful. I’m sure TB will bounce back and hopefully return for one more year. I pray that he heals and has no complications.


He sure looks the part…I envision great things for him. But, I think he’s still learning how to deal with better competition than he faced as a high schooler, both the opposition as well as his teammates. I think this is difficult for folks who are told they are among the “one and done”. (There was a time that leaving after your soph year wasn’t such a bad deal.)

If he can be patient and let the season “come to him” I think he’ll be fine…and a great Razorback.

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I think the next few games will be Graham’s big chance to show he should be in the rotation. Walsh is going to get minutes. It’s a question of whether Muss just shortens the rotation or plugs Graham in for more floor time. Graham can’t give you that crazy vertical game that TB brought, but he could be a third scorer on the floor in a lot of combos-if he will play defense hard enough.


I was about to post something similar about Graham…was wondering last night why he did not play more. Guess he just didn’t cut it while he was in there…kinda like Walsh.

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Walsh makes me nervous. He needs some Xanax just to slow him down a bit. Heck maybe I need some Xanax. I’m jumpy as a cat just watching him.


Walsh just needs to stop thinking and worrying about making a mistake and play ball! He is a really good ball player.


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