Jordan Walsh has decent hops


Walsh is a large fella with hops. Move or hit the hardwood.

Man, Jordan is looooong. Are we sure he’s only 6-7? Looks 6-9 to 6-10 in that video clip.

Wing span is impressive.

Walsh has incredibly long arms to go with his big time vertical leap. This will date me, but his arms look like Connie Hawkins. I don’t think Jordan has Hawkins’ hand size though

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What kind of shooter is he? I see mostly dunks and stuff like that in his highlights what else does he feature??

Really good passer, he can reverse the ball to the weak side when he’s double teamed as good as college players. More scorer than shooter. Can make some threes, but he wouldn’t be considered a great shooter. Can really be a ball hawk on defense, due to wingspan and above average quickness. Not really an alpha type player, at least not on a loaded team like he’s on now. I think he would prefer to be a complimentary type player


Okay thanks I appreciate it.

He’s a Swiss army knife, Billy. I bet he has a few triple doubles next year.

Only person on UA campus with that is Treylon Burks

That would be great we need somebody who can slash to the goal and be strong enough to finish

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