Jordan Walsh declares for NBA Draft

But he will still maintain his college eligibility while he receives feedback.

This story was broken by Curtis Wilkerson of a competing website, so I won’t link the tweet. Jordan’s family worked with him specifically on this announcement.

Just posting because I don’t see it on the board anywhere.

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Didn’t find confirmation on his Twitter page, but I did find a thread of tweets thanking all his NIL sponsors. It was quite a list:

Greenway Dental Care
Herman’s Ribhouse
Grub’s Downtown
Gusano’s Pizzeria (heavy on the food places here)
B Unlimited
Southern Trend Co.
5 West Condo Airbnb
the Jones Center
AAC Networks

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I will always appreciate his passion and the effort that he gave while playing for us …
I wish him all the best he’s a great young man

He will always be a Razorback, classy young man


Here is a look at where the roster stands right now:


1 Trevon Brazile
2 Makhi Mitchell
3 Jalen Graham
4 Joseph Pinion
5 Derrian Ford


6 Tramon Mark - Houston (declared for draft, kept eligibility)
7 Keyon Menifield - Washington
8 Khalif Battle - Temple
9 Jeremiah Davenport - Cincinnati
10 El Eliis - Louisville (declared for draft, kept eligibility)
11 Layden Blocker
12 Baye Fall

Declared for draft, kept eligibility

13 Devo Davis
14 Jordan Walsh

Tramon Mark and El Ellis have also declared for draft. Most keep ignoring that because they committed to us. Unless of course they have said they are withdrawing from the draft, which I have not seen.

I won’t be surprised if one of Mark and Ellis surprises us. In fact, I won’t be surprised if one of the transfers don’t make it to campus. There are a lot loose ends to tie up.

So who leaves next? Everyone seems to think Devo is gone, but what if he doesn’t?

I can’t imagine that Mark or Ellis will remain in the draft, but ya never know who listens to the hangers-on whispering in his ear.

Good points…

Appreciate the reminder.

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Has Mahki made any declaration at all? Returning for 2023 or declaring for the draft (with or without maintaining eligibility)? When is his deadline for declaring for the draft, if he hasn’t already?

He hasn’t announced anything, so until he does I consider him a returnee.

NBA early entry deadline — April 23, 10:59 p.m. Central
NBA Draft combine — May 15-21
NBA Draft lottery — May 16
NCAA early entry withdrawal deadline — May 31, 10:59 p.m. Central
NBA early entry withdrawal deadline — June 12, 4 p.m. Central

Thanks. This reminded me of another question. Is the NBA draft combine still by invitation only? Does that invitation come well before the Combine date, or is it close to May 15? It seems like I remember the lack of an invite is when most college players officially withdraw.

G League also has a combine in Chicago on May 13-14, just before the NBA combine.

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Thanks, I remember that now. They usually issue a very few NBA combine invites to the best players out of that. Didn’t JD get an invite to the G-league combine, but not get one to the NBA combine?

I will be absolutely shocked if Mark and Ellis get the kind of money to go pro… I think both will be here and be big time contributors.

I think Muss with all his NBA connections is on top of that and would not have taken them if he knew there was a good chance they might leave.

Jordan sounds like he’s mostly gone. Would have been great to have that D motor back. Plays w such passion and could have helped lead to final four this coming season. Will always be a Razorback and glad we had him.


Interesting both for length and lack of bigger names…but I am clueless when it comes to NIL stuff.

My guess, and I know there are people on this board who know more about it than I do, is that any one of those deals was probably not worth a lot of money, but stack 10 of them and you might get into some decent cash, if not Bryce Young level. I’m wondering if 5 West Condo might have provided Jordan’s NWA residence, for instance.

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