Jordan Walsh and Anthony Black

Based off my talks with Jordan’s father and talking to Anthony while in DFW last week and other things I hear, Arkansas is definitely in the hunt for both.

If Muss was to get one, that’s huge but if he somehow got both obviously that would be beyond huge. Even if the two go elsewhere, Arkansas is sitting pretty good with an ESPN 5-star and three 4-stars.


Getting either would be fantastic.

My mind can’t fathom the concept of getting both.


Ohhhhh Senor Davenport! How am I suppose to work now?! Ehhhhk!

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Are Black & Walsh planning to commit before basketball season begins?

Walsh’s father:

“We’ll probably sit down at the end of October,” Walsh said. “We’ll get a chance to complete all the visits and put our cards on the table and sit down as a family and talk about each visit. Pros and cons.”

Black expected to visit Zags on Oct. 8.

"After my visit to Gonzaga, I’ll start think about more deeply where I’m going but I just want to finish my visits first so I can have a feel for everything,” he said.

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Walsh has now been to Memphis and will visit Kansas, just not this weekend as plan for Phog Madness.

He will visit Kansas on Oct. 8-10 after playing in the Joe Wootten McDonald’s All-America game evaluation camp Friday and Saturday in Mansfield, Texas.

Dudley, do you think Walsh is still seriously considering Arkansas?

Everything I read is that we lead there Jerry! I hope so!

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Thanks for the reply Lynn.

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Hasn’t he just visited Texas, and they are now a player?

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