Jordan Rodriguez

What happened to him? Last I looked he was still on roster.

Good question.

I can only speculate that he’s been passed by others who are getting the innings he might have gotten; that is, unless he’s injured.

Will be interested in seeing a response from one of our insiders.

He is on the roster on the website but I don’t think he is on the 35 man roster.

I asked that question to some people who would know a couple of weeks back. The general response was that it was surprising he made the 35-man roster last season and telling that he was asked to pitch so much.

He’s on the roster but did not make the 35-man this year because other lefties out-performed him during the off-season scrimmages.

They were void on the left side last year. He was one of the few options. He was used as a one-out guy against lefties early and there are several others that are better at that now. They have Weston Rogers, Evan Lee, Kacey Murphy, Matt Cronin and Ty Harris to pitch from the left side now. All are better than Rodriguez. Lucas Krull is another lefty that would be ahead of Rodriguez – if and when he get his stuff over the plate.