Jordan Phillips

Anyone know how things are with him ? We need his services and how much up grade would he give this team?

He’s been playing, looks lost on the court. Got some learning to do.

Very talented, but missed so much time because of injury. I think it will be Jan before you see what he can do. Lots of rust and catching up to do.

I thought Darious Hall looked lost early last season, but by the end of the SEC grind, he was playing well. I expect Phillips to do the same. He just needs the practice and game minutes. His talent is evident when you watch him.

Agree 100%

I can’t imagine anyone more than Jordan wanting to contribute to the success of this team right now. Even though he has been cleared to play from his injury, he still has to reacquaint himself to the speed of the game played at the next level. Regretfully the game won’t wait on him, it’s all incumbent on him to get there, we are pulling for him with the expectation Jordan will be ready for showtime when conference season opens…WPS!

I agree with your assessment. In the situation Jordan found himself in (health, time-table, etc.) what you hope for and expect is that gradually, over the course of Conference play, he starts asserting himself some. First, in small spurts. Then, perhaps over longer stretches within games. By Tournament time (if we make it), he may have worked himself into our top 8 or 9 rotation.

Sounds like pretty accurate timetable. Anything sooner would be a blessing.

Very versatile kid who I am sure will make his mark as the season goes along.