Jordan Phillips Wednesday night update...

Told me tonight that he is likely not going to visit SMU and could be announcing soon

That is great news (hopefully)! This guy has the kind of allround skills that fit our style of play - pretty good at everything, long and athletic… at least from the limited highlights I have see.

Would be great to close the deal with this guy.

That’s good news.

I think you’ll like what you see. Not going to say I was blown away when I saw him in Vegas, but I was very impressed.

RD any updates on Phillips? Seems like since he’s not taking any other visits now, that we should be hearing something very soon right?

He’s planning to announce on Sunday. It look like might announce today.

I stilll fully expect him to be a Hog.

I sure hope your right Richard. We will now Sunday.

Has Phillips given a time for today yet, or is it just whenever he decides to announce it?

He said around 5-6 today.

He said it’s coming in about 5 minutes.

Ok, after the Cowboy’s game. lol