Jordan Phillips said

He’ll likely announce his decision the next day or two.


If we can close with Chaney it will be a phenomenal class. As it stands now it is very good.

Are Hogs still in the mix with him? It’s been kinda quiet on him since his visit, I know sometimes kids get the offers on their visit, but after a couple weeks staff sometimes move on and they no longer have an offer on the table.

No way they backed off. The offer is still there.

I still expect him to be a Hog.

Cool. Thanks for update.

Jordan said he’ll probably announce at noon tomorrow.

won’t announce today. He thought he would evaluate a bit more.

He said he might visit SMU for a practice but isn’t sure.

I had a feeling something was going on with this situation, it just didn’t seem right, that why I was asking about it earlier. McPherson just said today he can’t go into details but the situation is not resolved with Phillips and his confidence on him being a Hog has dropped since talking to a source. My guess is it’s either grades or staff priorities moved in a different direction.

Possibly not terrible news then? I was excited about getting him. Thought he was a great fit for MA’s system. ghg

Yeah, when I saw earlier he had decided not to announce and was now checking out SMU, that it didn’t sound good on the landing him front.

Nothing to do with grades or priorities. They’re still talking.

I have always felt that Phillips is not Plan A for Mike. Have a feeling they have asked him to hold off on the commitment to see how Plan A works out.

No, he’s a plan A. I promise you.

This can’t be good news if he is Plan A, he looks like a stud. What’s going on?

My opinion! But I believe he has the MOST potential of any current comitt. Let me stress the word potential because he’s a 6’7 SF with Point Guard skillz!


Let it play out. Still like him being a Hog.

This looks like his sophomore year at Grace. The competition isn’t the best but he was the Player of the Year in Texas for private schools.

He dominated during the summer while playing for Dallas Showtyme. When I saw him in Vegas I thought he was one of the best guards I saw that week.

Here’s what his summer coach had to say; … er-rcruit/