Jordan Phillips playing?

I am not able to watch or listen, but he is in the CBSsports box score.

Yes he did. He hit a nice pull up jumper.

Excellent! Thanks

Reply: yes he played in the second half, Mike is bring this young man in slowly, but he is so smooth, he scores easily,

Once Phillips gets in game shape he will earn more playing time. He has a real good offensive game.

I want to see him play the point. I’m told that he can…How about that. 6’7 PG.

That would be interesting to see.

I suspect he’ll get most of the rush off sometime in Jan.

I’m real big on Phillips, but I don’t think he can play point at this level. However, I do think as a 4, on the court with Gafford, Jones, Joe, and Harris, that he could facilitate the offense and give us a huge advantage because of his skill set.

In my opinion, he is not a PG, but can play the 2-4.

He did play some 4 last night. I have never seen him play and it is a small sample to reach conclusions. But in those few minutes I could not determine if he is quick on his feet and how athletic he is. If I had to conclude on the small sample, he seems not that quick and not that athletic.

Any insight is welcome.

I don’t think he is in shape right now. He looks heavier than when I saw him in HS. But he’s been injured, so… As for insight, he’s not as quick as Jones IMO, but very similar game. Can hit on all three levels, and can handle the ball. So, if he’s on the court with guards, he can actually bring the ball up and relieve pressure on them. He crashes the boards as well, maybe not as good as Bailey/Cheney, but he will go in if needed.

I saw someone earlier this year mention a four guard lineup and Gafford. I think Jordan being in that 4 spot would make that a very good lineup (once he is back in game shape). I think he will be an advantage at the four. He’s quicker than most 4’s and can play on the perimeter which would draw other teams PF out of the paint leaving Gafford 1 on 1. If the four backs off him, he can hit, if he tries to face guard him, Jordan can go around him. He also can dish, he tried it the other night, but didn’t work out (you could see what he was thinking, him and Sills maybe, it was one of the guards, weren’t on the same page).

Granted, I was watching WatchESPN on my iphone 6, during Holly Ball, so not easy to see much, but he was bringing the ball up on a break at one point and I wondered who the slow guy was-very disappointed when I saw his name on the jersey.

Hopefully he’s just not in game shape yet, I was expecting a very athletic slasher the way you guys have talked about him.

Let’s hope by January he’s flying around


Made a real nice drive where he drove from half-court to the rim with his left hand and barely missed a layup. As of now I concur that he looks more like a glider, like a Joe Johnson, then a freak athlete. However, I do think he is still rounding into form because I saw highlights of him in HS getting way up.

Like this:

I don’t believe we are seeing much at all of what we’ll see from him in 3 or 4 weeks. He clearly doesn’t trust his knee completely yet. When he made that little shot behind the free throw line, he had zero elevation, just a nice looking fade away. His stroke looks good and the shots should start dropping once he trusts his knee enough to let his legs help his shot.

He looks much more like a Joe Johnson, Scotty Thurman level of quickness. He’s not a burner, I think he can be a nice contributor, but he’s not a high flyer or elite athlete. I don’t think he’s as quick as Mason Jones, and Jones is more high basketball IQ guy than athlete. And that’s ok, a good player is a good player.

Right, I always thought once the game at this level slow down for him, he won’t be around long and I’m not talking three years neither, that injury set him back time wise, you can bet Mike is counting on his contributions this season, watch his minutes go up once Mike is sure he is physically sound

I was thinking the same thing PJ it seemed to me that he lacks explosiveness.

I agree 100 percent

Something I have noticed over the years is that the really good ones never seem to be in a hurry. They just play the game, let it come to them and don’t force things…Could be that he is one of the really good ones. We shall see.