Jordan Phillips making it look easy

The way he handles the rock like a 6’7 in a half point guard is very surreal. He and Day Day Manning the SF positions will create such matchup problems drawing interior defenses towards the 3pt perimeter.


This kid is the X-factor next year. He will be a difference maker for us. I hope DayDay can handle the rock like Jordan by next year. DayDay could be the most improved player next year.

I am glad we finally have a Jordan on our roster.

THere’s very few guys you can say can play the 1-4. Jordan can.

I posted the other day some comments the other day about Reggie Chaney. A young man (Senior here in DFW area that will be playing for a Power 5 team next year) I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know recently. He has played on the AAU circuits for years and played against Chaney and Phillips at different times. Anyway, I asked him about both Chaney and Phillips. As mentioned, he had great things to say about Chaney and his game and that he is every bit the size and weight listed and very physical as well. Overall though, he felt Phillips game was fantastic and may turn out to be the better player. Said he was solid and very good! Either way, I very excited about both of these guys and what they are bringing to the Hogs next year.

RD…I know you have seen them both up close as well.

The thing about this class you have guys that bring different strengths to the class. Joe is a great shooter, Desi great energy and defensive minded, Jordan can play several spots, Reggie bring physical maturity and very good athleticism, Keyshawn a true combo guard that can fill it up and Ethan can provide a lot of length and athleticism in the paint.

Richard this by far is the best class Coach Anderson has had since he came back to Arkansas. The talent in this group makes me excited!
In years past missing K. Allen and M. Monk took the sails out of things and this class makes me just forget about those misses. It nice to see kids from Arkansas stay home!
I look forward to seeing them on the hill

We are going to have some patience with this group. They will probably lose some early season games we take for granted. But Mike will have them executing by mid-season. I hope there is a trip to Spain and Italy in the works in the off-season.

Agree. You’re going to have guys learning their roles. That goes for the guys on campus and the incoming class. If Gafford stays, you have a go to guy, but no one else that’s use to being counted on being a scorer.