Jordan Phillips highlights … -phillips/

I am sure you mentioned this elsewhere, but what position does he see himself playing at UA. Quite an intriguing prospect.

I see him playing the 1-3. Depends on who else is on the floor.


I’ve been thinking hard on who to try and compare Jordan to, but if I were to come up with one I would say Joe Johnson. In no way I’m saying he’s a Joe Johnson. I’m saying his size and ability to handle the ball, shoot and drive are similar while also being good at setting up his teammates.

At first I was going to say Todd Day, but he couldn’t handle the ball like Jordan. Plus he’s not as physical.

Oh my. Thanks RD!

cmon now there’s only one iso joe jesus

what about a Patrick Beverley comparison. is Jordan a better shooter?

I’m assuming you are only trying to describe Phillips’ style of play with the Joe Johnson and Todd Day comparison. Both of them were top 20 recruits when they came out of HS. I’m guessing that Phillips isn’t on their level or he would be rated much higher. If his shot and ability to score is anywhere near these two, we’ve got a great player. When you say Todd Day couldn’t handle the ball like Phillips I think you mean Phillips looks to set up other people better than Todd. Todd was a pretty good ball handler when it came to getting his own shot off. He was a great outside shooter that could take the ball to the basket as well. Thank you for the comparisons … and I hope I’m not saying anything that you don’t agree with. I’m probably just trying to temper my own expectations! :smiley:

There was nothing Todd Day couldn’t do - well except keep his mouth shut :slight_smile:

22 pts, 7 rbs, 3 ast, 42% from 3 and 50% OVR FG his senior year.

You don’t think he plays any at the 4 spot? Looking at our team, looks like that would be the most likely spot for playing time. And I’m not saying he’s a 4, just seems like with his size that’s where CMA typical puts those 6’7-6’8ish guys. Even with his nephew Demarre Carroll at Mizzou, he was really a positionless guy in college, he could guard 1-5. He started at the 4 spot for CMA, but he probably had the ball in his hands most of the time, he brought the ball up a ton and started the offense, he played in the post, shot 3’s, he pretty much did at all. That’s the kinda role I figured they would put Phillips in.

I like his vision, handle and playmaking ability. Looks like he has a high skill level. Not a great athlete, but solid. Hard to gauge shooting ability off a highlight tape, but if he can shoot with any consistency, he could be a really, really nice player.

I always look at numbers as being more reflective of what position a player guards since offensive roles are interchangeable for Mike. As far as what he guards, I’d imagine it’s 3s or 4s based on the rest of the roster and the depth they’ll have in the backcourt. On offense, he’ll play on the perimeter and handle the ball like a guard.

I think he can yes.

I’ve said that many times but I think he’ll likely play 1-3.

I also think he will spend more time at the 2-3 than the 3-4.

Would you say he’s a guy looking for his shot or a guy who will take it if it’s there. Embry looks to me like a guy who is looking for his shot while a guy like Qualls would take it if it were there. Just trying to get a gauge of his shooting competency.

Also, dribbling… is he a guy who could be counted on to bring it up the floor under pressure or would he be looking for a ball handler when things get tight?

Excited about this guys and curious about your firsthand impressions.

Did you read the disclaimers he put in the post as plain as day saying he wasn’t saying he’s Joe Johnson?

Slow down guys. I tried to say I wasn’t saying he was a Joe Johnson, I was just trying to compare their playing styles.

Yes, I did and wasn’t trying to argue, but rather to emphasize his disclaimer. Did you read my last two sentences?

I think a better comparison would be (MKG) Michael Kidd-Gilcrest

Again, thanks for your work. A couple of comments because I want to clarify…

First, I am really excited about Jordan Phillips’ commitment. Since you first mentioned him after knowing there was interest by the Hogs’ coaches I’ve been hoping that we would sign him. Sounds like he has a chance to be a good one.

Second, I recognize that you and Dudley are always asked to compare recruits to past players to give us some idea of what they are like. Usually you’re going to compare them to a past star because they are the ones we remember.

So, while Jordan Phillips is no Joe Johnson, it’s great to have a player that’s 6’7" and a good ball handler. Even in today’s basketball world that is still an unusual combination.

Someone I highly, highly respect also thought Jordan had a some Lenzie Howell in him. I think we’ll look back in a few years and see Jordan was vastly under rated in HS.