Jordan Jones?

How is he coming along, earlier in camp his name was mentioned, not as much lately?

I don’t think Saturday was a good day for him. But, after receiving some strong words of encouragement (tongue lashing is the right way to say it), he’s had two really strong practices since then. He was on the first team earlier in camp, but has been passed by a couple. I’d say the first group right now is Pettway, Stewart and Nance. Jordan Jones is on the second team. But he’s in position to play. Competition makes the world go round. He is being pushed to be his very best. Austin Allen had good things to say about Jordan yesterday.

The coaches always seem to reference maturity and being 100 percent bought in for Jordan when they’re not happy with him.

He was locked in at the start of camp and was apparently the most impressive offensive player the first couple days. Obviously they weren’t happy with him after Saturday’s scrimmage, so maybe that was a wake-up call.