Jordan Jones 'standing out' in preseason camp

Chad Morris mentioned Jordan Jones by name today as a receiver who’s making tremendous strides in fall camp: … ason-camp/

Sure hope he breaks out this year!

That’s awesome because there is no excuse as to why he shouldn’t be an elite WR with his kind of speed.

Speed is only one factor in a WR’s skill set, and probably not the most important. But it is one that is trainable only to a small extent; it seems to be a God-given talent, and is oh-so-fun to see displayed. A speedy receiver also has to have his head in the right place (great attitude and patience), run great routes, block well, catch well; or he won’t get much playing time. It’s tough. If he can’t do all those other things well, he may as well run track. I love Jordan Jones and have been hoping for a breakout year for him since he arrived. A kid from a tiny town way down in southern Arkansas comes up to the U of A to pursue his dream. Maybe this will be it. For that matter, I hope that for the whole team. They work hard and deserve it. WPS!