Jordan Jones 2

Should we expect JJ to be full speed after his long layoff?

Let’s just say if he’s not super fast, there is no need to put him on the field. He’s not a great route runner. But he is fast and can run vertical patterns. I suspect you will like what you see when he sets sail.

I agree totally with your first statement. Just having him out there stretching the field will pull DBs away and open up the corners and the middle. Tossing a few his way will validate that threat. And not just him, but the other receivers who are returning to action. Should we expect to see more multiple receiver/TE sets Saturday?

I’m not sure about him being full speed.

I do not think Jordan is full speed. Back practicing does not mean full speed. I would say he’s still questionable for the game.

He is “very doubtful” for Saturday, according to Chad Morris before today’s practice.