Jordan Crook & Mani Powell

Don’t be surprised if these freshman LBs are on the field a lot this fall. They’re turning heads. Told Powell’s knee is good to go.


I have been saying that since we sign those kids they are difference makers and I knew crook got a lot of press this spring but I thought powell was actually the more dominant of the two. They play fast and downhill the way you have to play in the SEC I am really excited about both of these kids especially when you can have them learn from Bumper pool and Drew Sanders


A solid rotation of SEC LB’s…used to be just a dream…


They will play special teams for sure and provide great depth. First time there is linebacker depth in a long time.

Told Crook is working with the 2s.


I don’t think it will take Powell long to start working his way up as well. Those two guys will knock your head off.

Born LB’s, they have the instinct.

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Wilson Matthews coached linebackers. His great lineup was “if you are talking to them much they probably are not a linebacker.”

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