Jordan Brown?


Good question. I’d like to know the answer to this as well.

Based on what I heard earlier, I would say no.

Well what did you hear ?

My thought is he may want to stay out west but he was also committed to Muss at Nevada. I’d also like to know what you heard since we know you don’t dabble in rumors and seem to think it relevant to post a reference thereto.

After playing for Muss for one season and being at the end of the rotation he left Nevada. So, not sure why people would think he’s going to come play for Muss again after it didn’t seem to work for him the first time.


Maybe he’s worked his way into the rotation?

LA Lafayette bound…

Thanks for update

A Mickey D’s AA going to La LaFayette tells me all I need to know. Muss wasn’t gonna make the same mistake twice. I have to question any Mickey D’s AA selection committee that didn’t think that Moses Moody was worthy. It’s ridiculous. Kentucky had all those Mickey D’s AA last season, supposed #1 class, and they sucked so hard. I absolutely loved it! Muss will finish this roster with players that can help us, or he will hold those scholarships for next year. We all know we could use one more big, but I think Muss is being really selective filling that slot. BTW, it’s been 2 weeks, and Tre Mitchell still hasn’t made up his mind. I don’t think he moved away from us, as much as Muss moved away from him.

As far as adding a big to the roster, I am not sure if Muss is being selective or having trouble convincing a big to come here or what is going on. It is hard to tell. I don’t know how you are concluding that Muss has moved away from Tre Mitchell.

Regarding Jordan Brown, McAA committee relies on evaluation and rankings by ESPN, Rivals, etc. I am sure Muss relied on those rankings too when he signed him at Nevada. Anyway, Muss got a lot of credit for luring a 5 star to Nevada for the first time. There was an article written on just that,


I know we as fans are caught up in the moment, but we need to temper this “Muss is a genius who does no wrong” hyperbole that’s going around.
ALL coaches make mistakes, bad decisions and errors.
To act like Miss doesn’t is illogical.

Obviously, nobody is perfect. We are certainly blessed with very high level coaching and leadership throughout most of the sports we compete at in the SEC. Our Athletic Director is no slouch either. Good times for Razorback sports.


Muss also has a couple of new assistants he may be consulting with who they have an eye on. All figuring out the right fit.

Yeah pj, I’m wondering if we have hit a wall in the portal or just waiting it out. JMHO but hope he finds a couple of SR’’s we really need the Scholarships next season. I also think July is just to long to portal it.

Probably something only RD and DD can answer.

However, it doesn’t stop us from guessing. It maybe a case of of it being hard to get quality juniors or seniors as the 12th and 13th players on the team when the history says you only play at the most 9 and Muss not wanting to sign a player as a warm body just to fill the roster.

Having said that, it seems like a quality big should be able to get minutes. So, I am still holding out hope for the that.

And just my opinion, I think Muss will save the 13th scholarship for next year or for a spring semester transfer.

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I don’t see the point in saving any of you can grab a couple of SRs. But you are correct getting a couple of SRs to come to fill depth may be hard or JRs.
Muss may need to start putting it out he plays 10-11.

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He didn’t want the smoke!

What are your thoughts on Bryson Williams and Marvin Johnson ? As far as Mitchell, his situation has gone on too long for someone with his numbers. JMO, but something is wrong there.

I don’t think Marvin adds anything to our roster other than insurance against an injury to one of the wings. Bryson will be a nice fit. Seems like Muss type of forward. Based on what he has said he is looking for, Arkansas should be attractive to him.

There are large number of suitors to beat out for his signature and there seems to be a strong pull to keep him at UTEP. He has been practicing with his UTEP teammates, has met with new coach multiple times and there is noise that the new coach may hire his AAU coach as an assistant. Some predictions out there that he goes wherever his AAU coach is hired. Before Muss hired Keith Smart, I was wondering if such a package deal brings him here.