Jordan Brown transferring to Arizona

The former McDonalds AA from Nevada has a new home.

Yeah, it looks like the post awhile back about his parents not being happy with his playing time at Nevada last year was spot on. I’m assuming he didn’t consider transferring here.

Well, Kansas took Mickelson. Still, I’m skeptical that CEM will play a large rotation at Arkansas. If he can’t find more than 10 minutes for a McAA in the Mountain West with a short rotation, I don’t see him expanding the rotation in the SEC when the chips are down.

What is annoying about this is that Arizona assistant is going to jail, Sean Miller gets nothing but keeps landing 5 star players. How do guys like Miller and Wade do it?

The NCAA only enforces certain schools. The rest are playing from behind

I suspect it may not have been his decision (at least, solely) . . . in other words, not sure Muss necessarily gave him the option to come here. In the interview Coach recently did on Bo’s blog, he alluded to the fact that he had a McDonald’s All-America freshman on his team this past year that couldn’t earn playing time.