Jonesboro's Cross Jumper 'special' signal caller, one to watch … al-caller/


Already First-Team All-Decade Name Team

And I thought cross jumping was a new sport until I read the article.
Instead it’s a really good athlete. Look for his recruiting to take off next year.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I’m curious if anyone knows this kid’s lineage. I grew up in Helena at a time when one of our hometown kids was starring at ASU as an end as they were called in that day. Gerald Jumper Jr. caught a lot of passes for the Injuns, as they were called in that day. Gerald Jumper Sr. was my much respected and feared elementary school principal. He swung a mean board of education, as those things were called in that day. I believe Gerald Jr was a college division(as the FCS schools were called in that day) All America in the late 60’s. Could the Cross Jumper be related to these men?

That is the grandfather to Cross Jumper. His dad was a great football player for Jonesboro high school and his mom a cheerleader there also. Comes from a great family and both sides have height too. Cross is a good to great baseball player so he will have plenty of options.

that is a good video to check out the Ole Miss OT since it is not his highlight. What say you youdaman.

His grandfather is on the All Century team at ASU.

And Gerald Jumper Jr’s sister gave birth to a former Miss Arkansas!