Jonesboro vs. Tulsa Central MLK Showcase (4:34 p.m)..

Jonesboro is 15-0

But is down 21-15 to Tulsa Central midway in the second quarter

Arkansas Desi Sills with 4 points so far

El Dorado and Little Mills up next at 5:30

Baptist Prep and EPC at 7

Baptist Prep was supposed to play LR Parkview, but Parkview pulled out because it wanted to play Jonesboro instead

Arkansas 2018 commit Desi Sills with 4 points
Arkansas State basketball signee Marquis Eaton with 2
Arkansas State football commit Jonathan Adams with 4

4th game this week, 3rd in 4 days for the Canes. We’ll see if they have any response after halftime.

I don’t understand pulling out, the schedule was announced months ago. Jonesboro and PV have already played this year.

Sills with 7 points

Elijah Landrum with 23 for Tulsa Central

Central led 37-19 at one point

Arkansas 2018 commit Desi Sills with 22 points, 6 rebounds and 3 steals

One of the best comebacks you will ever see at any level.

Down 18 points in the third quarter, Jonesboro got up and going and then finish the game on a 23-5 run over the final 4 minutes

That was fun.

I told Wes on Wednesday that whatever his halftime speech was, he needed to send it to Bielema, he may need to give it to Mike. He laughed and told me it wasn’t too detailed, “Clean up the boards, and make you shots”.

There was a time-out he called when Jonesboro was down 18 and he said basically the same thing.

It was all about the tone and Desi and Marquis just attacking, attacking and more attacking.

I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that Desi is going to be someone Hog fans love. He’s a very good, underrated player with the IT factor.