Jones next year

Why do so many people think that Jones will come back? What does he have to prove? He’s a big 6’5" guard that can play in the league right now. How can he pass up the kind of money that he should get in the NBA Draft? Obviously he would help our team have a chance to be highly rated, but he has a bright future in the League.

Give me your opinions.

Why go when your projected in the late 2nd round on a bubble team unless your family is in a dire financial crisis.

If this teams does go dancing next month and return Jones & Joe with the infusion of talent this summer they will be preseason ranked.

The biggest reason is that he would not leave Arkansas is that he just “might” get taken in the late second round.

There’s no guaranteed money or roster spot for 2nd rounders. That would have him Europe or the G-league

Joe is at 50 and Jones 71 in The Athletic’s latest projection of the top 100 players.

What do the NBA scouts say? He outplayed Edwards and he’s No. 1!

That he doesn’t get drafted. Right now his lack of athleticism will get exposed at the NBA level. He’s got to expand his game, show that he can play some #1, and improve his quickness/athleticism.

He’ll be able to show a more well rounded game next year with the help we have coming in.

I think you underestimate the difference in his athleticism and the typical NBA guard. He has been very good, but not sure the evaluators share your opinion.

Out scored him, but even my untrained eyes could see who was the better prospect.

I’m guessing the NBA scouts say he is a very nice college player, but his lack of athleticism means he won’t get the same shots in The League. He can play several years in the NBA…as a role player. He needs to come back and help lead this team to great heights next year.

Don’t think he outplayed Edwards

Oh he outplayed Edwards. I swear, if I had a nickel for every time I saw Edwards extend his arm on a defender to fend them off or push them off, I’d have a dollar easily based on this game. Jones is real bad about pushing off to, but that guy was terrible.

FWIW - Jones, Joe and Edwards all had 26 points.

Scouts are saying pretty much the same stuff - that he might be drafted, but no guarantee.

I am sure that both Jones and Joe put their names in to get the draft info, but right now I see both coming back to Arkansas from chatting to people around them and just using common sense.


To much risk in leaving college early unless you get a first round evaluation, once you decide to go and hire an agent there are no do overs.
IMHO, both will get at best a middle to late 2nd round evaluation and will return next season.

They’ll put their names in, will be told they’re not ready. Do they take that advice or come out anyway?

Regarding Jones, unless he is thinking more about getting a degree than a basketball career, I don’t see why anyone would advise him to come back next year.

I don’t see him improving his value, whether it is NBA draft, or G League or overseas. There is a better chance of his value getting less if he doesn’t lead SEC again next year in scoring. If NBA does not want him now, don’t think he can do anything more to make NBA want him next year. He is a finished product now.

Regarding Joe, if he is projected to go in the second round (think that will be the case if he finishes this year without further injury), having had an injury this year, could he decide not to risk any further injury next year and lower his value?

What are your thoughts on the above?

Maybe because he’s not ready?

As I have noted about both, they have talked about the excitement of having a great team next season.

I guess I just don’t get where you think Mason can’t improve and can’t up his stock. There also seems to be something of an attitude where you think he is selfish and all about himself.

Certainly Jones just could take a chance, maybe get drafted in the second round, not have a guaranteed contract, float between G-league and the NBA.

Joe is certainly is higher thought of by NBA scouts at this time, but not where he and his dad Derrick want him to be in terms of development and status

I know you love Moses, but it seems like you want those cleared out ahead of him.

They could both go. In now way am I saying they won’t, but it sure seems like you want to push them out the door as if to not allow the new coach to succeed.

If I am wrong, my bad, but it sure seems that way to me.

The one thing that current Arkansas staff has is a great feel for the NBA and I think those guys will be honest with their guys.

The main knock on him is athleticism apparently, so what is he going to do to improve that by playing another year?

I don’t see him improving his numbers or his athleticism. He may improve his turnovers or some small move here or there, but it’s not going to change his draft status.

Having a year where multiple opposing coaches are singing your praises and you have good numbers is what I would think you would want to have your best shot.

I’m sure EricM could tell you what he can improve, but will it tip him into the first round if he improves whatever that is?

If Moody is as good as PJ thinks he is, he doesn’t need Mase or IJ to get out of the way to shine.

Ready for what?


Ready to get an NBA team to take a chance on him with a draft pick or UFA. As Dudley pointed out, they can absolutely improve their stock.