Jones is having one of the all-time seasons in UA history

With 631 points this season, Mason’s entered the top 10 UA scoring years, edging past Bobby Portis. With three points Saturday he’ll pass Martin Terry for ninth place. We would have to play five or six more games with Mase averaging 30ish to threaten the single season mark of 786 by Todd Day in 1991.

His average of 21.8 so far would be sixth in school history, and he could move a few places up the list if he could get the final average for 22.5, which two or three 30-point games might do, depending on how far we go in postseason.

Sidney Moncrief scored 660 points in 30 games his last year, a 22.0 average. Mase missed one game early, so Saturday will be his 30th game of the year, and if he gets 30 at TAM, he’d top Sidney in the same number of games. Day played 38 games in '91 so his average was only 20.6. School record for scoring average was 28.2 by Martin Terry. That’s safe for the foreseeable future, given that people actually know how to coach defense now. Which makes what Mase is doing even more remarkable.

Mason has also set the school record for points in an SEC schedule with 394, which Day had held since '92 in 16 games. Mason has had one extra game but his per-game average in SEC play (23.2) is higher than Day’s was.

Something else that is very impressive and may not have been reported here… Mason leads the team in per game stats for points, assists, rebounds and steals.

This is Sidney Moncrief territory folks. Sidney is the only one who has done this in history of Razorback basketball.

Just wow!

Also leads in shot attempts (398), total rebounds (161), assists (99), steals (45) – and turnovers (91). What Clark Kellogg used to call a stat-sheet stuffer. The only thing he doesn’t lead in is blocked shots; he has 6, Adrio has 42. Well, he’s second in fouls too, with 91. Bailey leads in that one too.

And of course he leads the entire nation in FTA and FTM. Neither one is particularly close. The only person below him who is on a very good team who could go deep into the Dance is Anthony Cowan of Maryland, and Cowan would have to make 54 more than Mase for the rest of the season to catch him.

The only category he’s being challenged in is steals; Whitt is only three behind him with 42. Whitt is also 9 behind him in rebounds.

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