Jones and Bailey

Played solid minutes when they were in. Jones is a scorer period. Defense is sub par but he will get there. Wish he would play more. Really opens up the court w his 3 point shooting ability. Bailey really played well I thought. Defense and rebounding were way above par. Then on the other hand beard can’t hit the side of the barn. and Hannah’s Shot doesn’t look the same.

Thought cook played well also.

Those 2 are intriguing. Jones may have the biggest offensive upside of anyone we have had in awhile. If he will work on and improve his ball-handling and defense over the years he could be very good.

Bailey could have a Qualls-like trajectory if he improves the way Qualls did. You can’t teach that athleticism.

Cook and Bailey looked fantastic on defense. Bailey is a better overall athlete than Qualls. Maybe, I don’t know, Qualls has a better vertical, but Bailey is much quicker and more fluid. This system looks a lot better on D with those types of long athletes on the floor. Granted, the competition was subpar, but tonight was an encouraging sign. There just seemed to be a lot more Hogs on the court on D tonight. The energy was much improved.

I think you’re right. Qualls had great dunks but he wasn’t an elite defensive player. He got beaten off the dribble a lot and wasn’t a great shot blocker.

He really improved his shooting and ball handling and that made and his finishing ability made him a threat in this system.

This is Mike’s first Nolan-like team in terms of no matter who is on the court you have offense and defense. What we’ve been waiting for, and more to come.