Jonathan Marshall is playing very well

I am very proud of the way he has progressed this year. He is playing extremely physical, in fact on the 4th and one play we stopped he executed a beautiful swim move on the center and crushed the running back a yard deep in the backfield that was a huge play!!

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He has, and so is 93. I just watched the game, and I kept thinking how we rushed 3 basically the whole game, but they put more pressure on the opponent’s qb than chavis got the last 2 years even when he blitzed.

I also wondered why they didn’t rush more, vs a 3 man front, but we kept 5 at the line and backed off 2 late, also our NG, either of them, really gave their center trouble. so even a 3 man front was no guarantee they could run for 3 yards.

Man, was that defense heroic. thin to begin, then both DE out prior to the game, then lots of injuries, and then the offense just failed the last 1.5 quarters, then that crazy PF on victory formation, by then we’re playing Clark significant minutes…and they just kept playing with heart and brains and effort.

Really admire our players and coaches.


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He could come back for an extra year…

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