Jonathan Marshall - draft

Thoughts on Marshall’s draft potential v. coming back for what could potentially be a dominant Sr. year?

Instinct for me leans toward the latter but don’t know the $ involved - ?

Seems to me his performance dropped significantly after the injury but also as the competition adjusted blocking schemes. I think he has dominant potential but needs another development year.

I would love for him to stay, but I think he is NFL ready. Dude was a beast!

Marshall was double and triple teamed. When you look at Grant Morgan’s tackle numbers, you have to understand that very few interior linemen were concentrating on the inside linebacker stacked behind Marshall. Morgan had a free run at running backs.

Just to be clear, Marshall isn’t coming back. He’s going to sign his deal with an agent on Jan. 3.

I think he will go in the first four rounds of the draft.

I’m curious to what injury are we talking about? He had to have his thumb stitched after the LSU game. I guess I don’t know of another injury, or had forgotten.

My only question is, did the previous staff not use him as well as they could have, or did her really just bloom under this staff? Combo of both?

He’s playing the same position. Technique has changed, I’m told. So you have to credit Derrick LeBlanc and Barry Odom for a mesh of scheme and technique. I am sure that the past defenses were not taught to be aggressive up front. They caught blockers and tried to hold steady. They did not penetrate gaps. This is a different technique. All you had to do was isolate the inside and see that Marshall was playing differently.

Jim Washburn worked with both McTelvin Agim and TJ Smith last winter to prepare them for the draft and change their technique. Washburn said he’d never seen a defensive line play so passive as the last few at Arkansas.

In the past, I tried to determine if they were trying to play a two-gap technique and maybe they shouldn’t. Or exactly what was going on. It was no fun to watch and Jim Washburn said the same thing.

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Pitiful. I guess Chavis really did check it in.

As well as the position coaches on Morris’s staff.
Players on both sides of the ball executed better, some excelled under current staff and the transfers had much better seasons on other teams.

That explains a lot. I think we all had the same take-away- those teams were definitely not fun to watch. I don’t know what they were doing, but they weren’t playing football. I really hate that the kids had to play for such poor coaches. So thankful some of them got to have fun this year!

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