Jonathan Holmes can get up

He posted this about 20 minutes ago.

If he ever slammed one in a game BWA would come unglued.

I remember when another walkon, Eugene Nash, threw one down in garbage time at Barnhill. It came unglued too. He became known as Gene, Gene the Dunking Machine.


He is a rising junior.

I see what you did there . . . :wink:

I would enjoy seeing him slam one!

Even an old dog can get in one new trick occasionally! :smiley:

A good one. It looks like the basketball goal is lowered.
Of course, I never could even touch the rim.

I actually thought the same thing. Holmes is about my height. With his arms stretched out it looked like the rim was about 9ft, not 10. But I’ve been wrong before

I’ve seen him dunk in pregame warmups…it’s legit.