Jon Gruden had a red tie on....

I heard he was in town last week…

Did he stop by the Catfish Hole?

Why do this guys bring up Jon Gruden? He will not come to AR. and their are much better coachs out their.

Its called a joke. Obviously it blew past you

I guess it did (went over my head) Sorry

The folks here in Tennessee take the Gruden sightings to a whole new level. He’ll be the front runner (in there minds) until the new coach is hired.

He’s a smart man thus he won’t coach again. IMO

As Gentry knows, Jon Gruden has been linked to every coaching job in the country for the past 6-7 years. It became a running joke on the old HI board for quite a while. I’ve been wondering when someone would bring him up (as a joke.) Gentry wins the prize.

Yep he has moved on to acting
New movie coming out Chucky’s Twin,
Wait that may be Owen Wilson.