Jokes are Making the rounds

Just heard caller on local sports show…said Arkansas is so bad, SEC has moved them to East division.

Also Hyams reported he is hearing NCAA is considering making rule change prohibiting the fake fair catch - immediately. This comment was not a joke.

It makes some sense. If the fake fair catch becomes prevalent, punt coverage teams will respond by clobbering people, fair catch or not. Read the threads on the board; more than one person suggested we should just blast somebody and take the 15 yard penalty. It becomes a safety issue, and the rulesmakers are taking safety issues seriously.

Clay Travis said this morning on Outkick the Coverage that Arkansas is so bad… How bad are they? Arkansas is so bad that the SEC should kick them out and bring in Arkansas State. Now that stuff ain’t funny!!!

Travis is a troll. He just tries to stir people up. This week its us. Next week, who knows.

I bet that guy doesn’t believe 80 percent of what comes out of his mouth.

He’s made a name by being shock jock type sports commentator. Sad, but it sells now days.

I think the NFL has some type of rule that if you don’t make some type of football move within a couple of seconds the play is dead even if the whistle has not blown. The player is considered to have given themselves up much like a QB sliding after a run.

Luckily I have friends who are so embarrassed for me they haven’t brought the subject up

I don’t think Arkansas is the laughing stock of the SEC anymore- our football program is lower than that

Best joke I heard however is

“Arkansas show up for a football game - the other team announces a Luau”

Implying Arkansas is the roasted pig

I went to my saturday night poker game after the game was over and the guys said they had a present for me but I had to take my razorback hat off. It was a paper bag with eyes cut out. I wore it in shame…