JoJo Robinson to Texas Tech

I had completely forgotten he was ever a Hog. Had to look him up. Out of sight…

me too when was he here?

Here’s a story from when BB dropped him and Kendrick Edwards in 2015.
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Did JoJo play JUCO football last year? I think Kendrick Edwards is still at ASU-J’boro and will be catching passes for the Injun Wolves this year. Both have some talent but seemed to take a rather casual approach to being a student athlete.

According to story, he played at Independence CC last year. … texas-tech

Robinson was on the roster but had no statistics last season at Independence.

I wonder whether he is walking on at Texas Tech.

Who cares

Short on dedication but long on talent,hope things work out for him.WPS

Probably. Neither Rivals nor Scout are listing him as a commit to TT.