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Looks like he has great size, but I just watched his film and It’s not very impressive. I assume the coaches value his size, seems like with a few more pounds could make an SEC sized DT. He doesn’t show much burst to seem like a DE, hopefully this could bump Agim outside where it seems like he would dominate. (If we were to get him)

Obviously they see things that they like.

Not sure it is wise to tell a recruit who very well might be reading this board that he is not impressive.

Dudley, question. I’ve seen you say Recruits read the boards, and question things we say. Do, y’all (the administration for the boards) give them free access? This is the paid board, and I’ve seen admin on multiple sites for multiple teams say the same things. If y’all don’t give free access, how do they afford it?

You can register for a 1 week free trial. And to Dudley I don’t mean put him down just going off what I saw, I’m a fan and want the best players available. Constructive criticism is always a good thing in my opinion, although different generations are quite different.

Didn’t know that, cool.

You might want to look up the definition of constructive criticism. You’ll see that “I’ve looked at his film and it’s not that impressive” isn’t particularly constructive.

I don’t think it’s a generational thing to have some basic tact–particularly toward a 17-18 yr old we are recruiting.

Well I apologize for being to harsh. It’s just an honest opinion, there is also a reason it’s not my field of expertise. So take it as you will, but our defense needs help, and it along with its coaches, they need to recruit who they feel will do the job. They rightfully have gotten their deserved criticism and i expect will do what they can to turn it around. I do not personally think they will all be here for much longer but I’m sure I’m stepping on toes saying that also. They have underperformed greatly and maybe they along with whoever else deserve more criticism, I’m one of the few who isn’t satisfied with mediocre. But that’s just me, it doesn’t have to affect you! WPS

I agree with most of this until you threw in the jab about most people being satisfied with mediocrity.

I just don’t think that’s true.

A hesitancy to completely clean house is often mischaracterized as satisfaction with the season or the product.

You can be critical of the coaches, want some of them gone, be highly dissatisfied with certain aspects of the team, but not necessarily won’t the HC sacked without a better alternative lined up.

A lot of people fall in that category and are wrongly characterized by people like you as being satisfied with mediocrity.

-I never was hinting at sacking the HC.

-I was talking about the DC and many of the assistants, Bret is a solid coach but he needs to do a better job of motivating his players. It seems at time they don’t play with 110% effort. I like his build of character in the program and think he deserves atleast one more year to prove himself. But I will add that if he doesn’t make some major changes (or someone happen to take a job elsewhere) I will have to question his choices.

But to the mediocrity, you can see some are ok with it because of how quick to defend whoever the person receiving criticism may be. I understand not all fans are ok with it, although maybe we should be because it doesn’t necessarily look like we will be anything else. Need to be able to recruit with the best to be the best. Especially in the SEC. Bret’s doing a fine job of recruiting but it still has to improve for us to be consistently competitive in the SEC west. I hope he will get it done, he’s got his hands full next year which is a crucial year for him.

I agree with all this. I think there is 100% chance there will be major defensive staff changes.

You also bring up a very important, fairly under reported point. There were several times that upperclassmen and key players just flat out quit and/or ignored their assignments and played for themselves.

People rail on the recruiting, and for me, it is what it is. We haven’t ever recruited with the big boys on paper and absent OM style cheating, we aren’t going to match them on paper.

We have to get good players and develop them. I can accept that.

What I can’t accept is an Arkansas Razorback team not playing hard. And, I saw that a lot this year.

That’s unacceptable and IMO is the #1 thing CBB has to fix moving forward.

Absolutely, minimal effort was evident too many times in key games/key situations. I personally feel that is usually the problem when coaches have lost the faith of their players in the room, (not the HC but the coach they spend he most time with, so DC and assistants) they need to be ‘juiced’ and play with everything. Fear making mistakes for the basic point of not wanting to disappoint their coaches. So hopefully all of that will be addressed and fixed, I want to see guys give martrell spaight like effort, or another guy that always impressed me was Ross Rassner, that guy gave it all he had every play.

Until you walk in the shoes of the HC and go through the process he has started it is my opinion none of us have any idea what he has gone through. I do know this we are just beginning to get over the John L Smith mistake! Coach BB was well represented this year by the Wisconsin team. That to me is a picture of where we are headed.
We all need to give him the support and respect our Hog HC deserves.
The recruiting cycle is important and they will sign quality young men! It’s not Coach BB style to speak to the media about what his business is between him and his assistants! He did not make any negative comment when OC Chaney left.

I’m sorry, where do you coach?

Absolutely not.

That would be an NCAA violation as an extra benefit and pertains to me because I attended the University of Arkansas, was employed by the UA and am classified as a booster.

I pour over rules each year and ask questions of compliance to make sure I do nothing wrong.

I never say anything to encourage a player to either come here or not come here.

Access is not that expensive and most parents pay for access to schools that their kids are recruiting.

Thank you, I’ve always wondered.

My only point was is that it is of no help to the coaches recruiting if fans criticize prospects they are trying to land.

Certainly your criticism wasn’t harsh at all and it may be accurate.

To be honest, I have not watched enough film of him to make an informed opinion and I never want to judge it by one game or one film.

Because if I did just see Darren McFadden that one night when he played at Alma and gained just 68 yards - I would not have understood what all the fuss was about.