Johnny "Lam" Jones passes - RIP

It’s hard enough to be losing players that were my heroes when I was a child, but it’s an eye opener when players (in this case, from our then-rivals) pass that played AFTER I graduated from college.

Older folks here will remember “Lam” well. He got that name because he came from Lampassas Texas and his fellow Horn with the same name came from Hamlin (hence, he was “Ham” Jones), and he had speed to burn. Here is a good article on him from veteran UT observer Kirk Bohls. … ory-books/

May GOD bless him and his family

Those guys were so good. They were Texas so of course I did not like them, but that is really not the way it was. I respected them as adversaries. I wish the best to his family.

I am sure many today do not understand the respect between the JFB and DKR teams. It came from the top and was real. It was special too.

RIP Lam!

Respect to a worthy warrior. When we are smacked upside our head with our mortality, it stirs us to remembrances
of the joy and sadness of days now past.

RIP, “Lam”.

that name takes me back to the good ole days when the hogs were at or near the top year in and year out. Those days are getting fonder and fonder with each passing losing season. “lam” jones must have came in after Earl Campbell. Truth be told, we were not very competitive in the mid 70’s, not until "78 when Lou Holt came in. RIP Johnny "Lam’ Jones, it seems to me that life was easier in those days.

RIP Johnny Lam Jones
Provided many an exciting moments on the gridiron.
May God Bless your Family.

That guy was faster than greased lightening. Sorry to hear of his passing.