Johnathan Williams maybe learned a valuable lesson

and without consequences, apparently. … -williams/

While my own alcohol consumption is teetering on teetotaler status these days, I’ve thought for some time that is too easy to get a DUI. Any DUI lawyer will advise against taking a breathalyzer. If J-Will was truly driving while under the influence of enough alcohol to be a danger, they should have been able to prove it. They couldn’t, so why should the NFL discipline him?

Used to be, the penalties for refusing a breathalyzer were just as bad as for a DUI. I don’t know if that has changed, but I bet it hasn’t. I guess it looks better to the Bills and the media not to be convicted of a DUI, but I bet he was convicted of failure to comply, his license was still suspended, and he had to pay a heavy fine.

Obviously, I don’t think they should; not speaking for anyone else. My point, if there was one, is that Williams could easily have been convicted if he had been in Oklahoma City. Lesson learned, IMO, is that drinking and driving is really a bad thing, if convicted or not.

But, he got off and I glad for him.