Johnathan Lawson

Any Lawson predictions before he announces? Getting crystal balls to Oregon.

I have said they’re in good shape. Which means they’re in the running and I believe they’re one of his top schools. Where he ends up I can’t say for sure. Oregon would not be a surprise because of his brother being there.

Thank you Dad!

Everything I have been told from the Lawson said was in my story.

Thanks Dad 2. Seems like this is a rare case nowadays where it’s actually no a certain thing where the kid is going to commit to well before he commits. That refreshing.

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You’re welcome son.

It’s weird to me to not see Memphis in the final 5 for a top homegrown player like J. Lawson. Guess Penny got in on him a little bit too late it seems.

Hope he commits to Arkansas, but if not hope he doesn’t commit to Bama.

Didn’t the Lawsons have a falling out with Memphis when Pastner left. Dad Keelon Lawson was the assistant to Pastner at Memphis. I remember Jonathan’s elder brothers ended up transferring out of Memphis.

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