John Walker Passes

Attorney John Walker, 82, passed away. He will be remembered for many reasons, including that he represented Nolan Richardson in the law school against the school. But I will remember him for a different reason. He was the key man in the efforts to break the color barrier for Arkansas football with the recruitment of Jon Richardson.

Walker, along with my father, took Frank Broyles into the Richardson home when it was determined that the Razorbacks would break the color barrier. I’ve heard my father talk about that meeting. John Walker was a critical component to making it all happen.


May his memory live on, mixed with soda water, ice and a lime wedge

Yeah, I know he was perceived to stir up a lot of stuff in Arkansas that angered others, including regarding desegregation of LR public schools and civil rights matters. But I suspect it was incredibly hard to build up the kind of stature Mr. Walker, as a lawyer, had in the environment of Little Rock in the 60s and 70s. Took a lot of courage and resolve. Respect for the guy. He made a difference. Fought for the disenfranchised and helped them.

Prayers for Mr. Walker’s family.

Good to hear about his and OH’s part in helping get Jon Richardson to the hill.

I agree… made a difference for those without a strong voice of their own.

When we were battling some issues, our corporate attorney, who had my greatest respect said “I hope they don’t get John Walker to represent them”. That told me everything about the competence and lawyer skills of Mr. Walker.

Had the privilege to co-counsel multiple cases with Mr. Walker. ALWAYS the smartest lawyer in the room street wise. Used to practice long multiplication problems and was quick to answer. Very intimidating to work against but genuinely nice to work with.

God bless Mr. Walker and his family. He worked extremely hard for what he believed in and that may be the best professional compliment any of us could receive.