John Walker III - 2017 SF

Jimmy posted the above tweet in the basketball thread. Thought this probably deserved it’s on thread. Walker is a legit 6’8 SF that can handle and shoot the ball. He’s not ranked by the major services but scouts are high on him and thought it was a huge steal for Duquesne. IMO, this is like CJ Jones type recruit, a late bloomer that just out grew his scholarship offers during the year and has huge upside.

Here’s a couple of highlights

Here’s an article from Corey Evans of Hoopseen discussing his potential. … ign=buffer

Wow really like this kid found his hudl.

Crazy upside

Nice find. That link you provided really showed off his shooting stroke. It’s really good for a 6’8. All he needs to do is put a little weight on.

Unless somebody leaves, this would seem to be just adding to a crowded field at the 4. I’m kind of hoping for a real PG. Possibly Darrington.

This guy is a wing not a combo forward

That’s what I was thinking could play the wing

CMA said they are just looking for best available player. Obviously, I haven’t seen enough of Walker to project where he can or can’t play, but If staff is pursing him I’m sure they know better than we do on what they need for their roster and where Walker could potentially fit in and play.

I know what’s being reported but Arkansas isn’t pursuing him.

Thanks for update.