John Thompson dies

The Georgetown coach, not the defensive assistant in football. First Black coach to win a national title. I’m sure Matt or Scottie will get some comments from Nolan.

Lute Olson died as well. Died in hospice last Thursday.

Very sad. 78 us way to young to die. (That age is getting younger and younger to me all the time, I used to think that was old)

He impacted so many. You could tell he was more than just basketball.

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Really enjoyed him and his teams. Good man. Good coach. Definitely contributed.

Coach Thompson was a class act, RIP.

RIP Coach Thompson
Great Man and Coach.

I can see him now with that towel on his shoulder. Prayers for his family.

Last night on TNT, Charles Barkley said basically, that he couldn’t help but think about Nolan Richardson when he thought about Big John. I thought that was pretty cool. I remember when we played Georgetown in Memphis in 94-95. Jesse Jackson was in our locker room, but the thing that I always remember most about that game was how proud Al Dillard was to have stolen the ball from Iverson. Al, as you all know, what not exactly known as a defensive stopper, lol. Great memories.

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