John Stephens Jones with a big play

in tonight’s state title game vs. Manvel.

JSJ almost single handedly keeping HP in this game. Kid is a playmaker and a leader.

Manvel with just too much speed at the skill positions. They look like a college team.

Highland Park comes back and wins the game with JSJ throwing winning TD with 34 secs left.

Could he be a bit of a Johnny Stephens Football without all the baggage? He’s bigger than Doug Flutie and Flutie won the Heisman.

I have no idea what kind of a college career he’ll have, but I’ve said it here and I’ve told JSJ, he reminds me of Baker Mayfield in the way he plays.

37-58 564yds \t4 TDs 1 rushing TD No INTS.\tTexas high school record for yards. 564 yards most for any division in a Texas championship game.

This kid is a winner and we need him at AR!!! I don’t care how big he is, he is a playmaker and a winner!!! Give him a chance and a full scholarship!!! We need winners!! Plus he has to bleed Razorback Red!! He’s got the genes and the moves, let’s get him! JSJ needs to be a Razorback!!!

Told a lot go guys that this kid can flat out slang it!!

Do we have a good shot at him?

Went to the game last night.

I’ve heavily touted JSJ over the past couple of months on several threads. Need not say any more about him. 564 yards, 4 TDS, one rushing TD, and offensive MVP says it all. He’s got a great team around him too. And that Manvel team had D1 players all over the field. Looked like a college team. Seriously.

This was one of the top 10 most exciting football games I’ve ever seen at any level.

Replay on Fox Sports SW if you can find it. I highly recommend watching the replay. It’ll make you want to ask Santa for JSJ to be a Hog.

(PS: HP’s defense will remind you of Arkansas’ defense. Gave up multiple big plays to Manvel. Don’t focus on that too much. Brigs back bad memories. JSJ repeatedly bailed them out of it though.).

Don’t give a flip how tall he is, JSJ can be my QB any day of the week.

DVR alert: My U-Verse guide indicates the game will be rebroadcast Monday at 5:00 AM on channel 647 (FCSA).

I am intrigued by this third-generation Razorback prospect.

I would be surprised if he goes elsewhere. He was still excited about the Arkansas offer a few days after getting it.

The physical things and the numbers obviously stand out but the most glaring thing to me watching that game last night was how positive, upbeat, and encouraging JSJ was. He never got visibly frustrated when something didn’t go their way, he didn’t hang his head when his D was giving up chunk play after chunk play. And bc of that you could see his teammates were :100: bought in with him and would follow him anywhere.

True, uncoachable leadership traits.

Probably should have posted this in this thread:

A long time acquaintance of mine from Dallas just posted on Facebook about JSJ— “May not be a better clutch quarterback in the history of Texas high school football. The kid simply wins”
This friend of mine is not a Razorback fan but is a Highland Park guy. Makes me very excited to see how he does in college!