John Stephen Jones

I know he’s not idea size but this kid can play. Saw him play against Bumper Pool and I was so impressed with his
pocket presence, scrambling ability, his accuracy and arm strength.

I’ve watched the kid play for 2 years at HP. Went to every game last year and a few this year. He can really play. He’s gotten a lot better this year. Bigger and stronger. Excellent inate pocket presence. I said a while back on this board that he will play D1 football. Well, it’s beginning. Part of me would love for Chad Morris go to Ark. and then get JSJ up there to run his offense. That would be formidable.

A little bit of Baker Mayfield in him.

which part?

His ability to play QB.

Has great feet, can feel pressure and move around quickly, all the while keeping his eyes down field. Mayfiled is a good comparison, Richard (except for size). Throws very accurately on the run, outside the pocket. Can also climb the pocket well. But he keeps his eyes down the field at all times. He can bail you out of a lot of problems with his eyes, legs and accuracy. For the Dallas folks, he plays tomorrow night at SMU’s stadium in a third-round playoff game. HP hung 70+ last weekend against McKinney North in a playoff game. I think they play a Mansfield team tomorrow night. Kid is a talent and is a winner, I’m telling you.

In the end, he may still come to Arkansas.

I mean money is not really a thing in this situation

I think that would be great and agree money is the least of their concerns. Maybe Jerry and Stephen will nudge him in that direction. Dudley or Richard, how does he compare to the Hatcher kid at PA?

If you’ve seen him then you’ve seen the (Paxton?) Alexander RB they have - I hear he’s going to play lacrosse in college, but his dad went to Arkansas - any interest? Is he capable, or should he stick with lacrosse?!

Just saw the two questions. Heading to the battle of the border. Will answer tonight.

I don’t remember him to be honest. Highland Park reminds me of Greenwood. Not a lot of great athletes, but very well coached.

I saw Layne last year but not this season. They are similar in the way they play like they own the position. Both play with a very high football IQ. I would say John has the edge when it comes to escapability.