John Stephen Jones

Have I missed something here?

What are you talking about?

He’s not on the depth chart.

Maybe he has the mumps.

JSJ is entering the transfer portal

Where has that been said?

The silence is really weird on this. Insiders?

That may make sense why he did not play last weekend. But, let’s not make Grandpa mad! We need his money for the next coach and he may be spening a fortune to get Lincoln Riley to the cowboys.

Interesting if true. Odd decision before new coach is named. But maybe he realizes he can’t quite play at this level. He’s a fine football player. Wish him much luck and good fortune. Winner. Joneses have a lot to be proud of in him.

I can not believe the lack of information on John S Jones in recent days. Nowhere did I see a Portal declaration until seen here. But seemed very strange that he did not play last week, and now there is talk about Lindsey’s grandson who basically was a defensive sub player and now like a 5th team QB… We must really be at the bottom!!
Any chance of winning with our first two QBs going through concussion protocol and Jones gone and Lindsey totally unproven is a highly unlikely win against MO at WMS in LR. With big rains predicted, likelihood of players no longer having a real reason to be excited except for Senior Day, fans coming off of Thanksgiving travel, etc…doubt 20,000 will show, maybe even as low as 15,000 fans. Times have really changed, with a cycle upwards being 2-3 more years away. I do not see 7 or 8 wins for years to come. Any bowl game with a 6-6 record would put us going to some “local toilet bowl” like Shreveport used to be. I can’t wait to see who the newly announced HC will be. Thankfully we have a decent BB team for a change. 20 wins should be easy to attain. Happy Thanksgiving to all Razorback fans still out there!

Chad obviously liked him more than Barry. JSJ has to be concerned about what the new coach thinks about him.

R D any word on who the backup QB is for tomorrow?

Love the optimism.

did JSJ make the 70 man travel squad? thought I saw a glimpse of him watching Cowboys on television

Not him watching Cowboys

He’s with team in Little Rock and available Saturday.

Hear Jack is starting.

Great news for Jack and good to know JSJ is available if needed. This would be a story book ending to the season if our 5th string Qb leads us to our first Sec win !! WPS

KJ won’t be the backup from what I hear.

No need to put him in harms way if there’s any doubt. WPS