John Stephen Jones

Could he be the next Johnny Football?

Did you see him drunk in a ditch somewhere?

OK now I spit my milk out on that one :smiley:

Awesome Gentry :lol:

post of the month :lol:

Not too shabby !

Now that was funny!

One of the best posts of the year.

:o :lol:

Classic Gentry. Made me laugh a lot.

I think we all needed that! Thanks, Gentry

One of the main differences, Manziel’s dad owned a car dealership. John Stephen’s grand dad owns the Cowboys.

Levity is good for us today. That was a good one, Gentry. :slight_smile:

Most valuable sports franchise in the world (~$5B), recently overtaking Man United which was recently thought to be unattainable.

Certainly not the direction I had in mind for this post, but Gentry like an old coon dog I once had did go baying down another trail and did make me smile! :smiley:

Outstanding Gentry! WPS

If Mourinho stays at MUFC much longer, that value will drop another billion or so. Whereas Jason Garrett’s incompetence doesn’t seem to matter, even to Jerry.