John Scott Jr new DL coach

And this surprises you how? Anything short of Charlie Partridge (and the only reason CP would be well received is that he’s already been here once and we know him) is gonna get a “who’s that,” because your average fan doesn’t have a clue who a good DL coach is (and neither do recruits). I don’t have a clue either, so I’m gonna wait and see. Obviously BB was looking for an NFL guy with experience in the 3-4, and he got one. Beyond that, we’ll see in September.

Based on reading comments from when Scott left TT for the Jets, he was very well liked and thought to be making progress with the players he had. There are some good indicators that he will be a good recruiter, too. This is definitely not a sexy hire and he doesn’t have an eye popping resume, but hopefully he will represent the UA the right way and become a great recruiter. From the comments I read, he seemed to a have Michael Smith kind of personality where everyone instantly likes and trusts them.

Oh, and it was stated that TT had little talent or depth and injuries plagued the DL most of his time there. Just throwing a little new info out there with a positive slant.

I am all for giving Coach Scott a chance, but in the same breath I am tired of having to give people chances. I like that the new hire has a chance of being an up-and-comer, but, as a fan, I want someone who is proven. Either way, I’m not a coach and I trust the guy who hired him. Woo Pig!

Not at all sure that Scott, Jr. had a choice departing TT. He, the LB coach and the DC “resigned” at 2014 season’s end. The defense gave up 497 points, an average of 41 points per game. W/L record 4-8. And as you say Collins and his mates kicked the crap out of their D.

And I doubt that he developed a net work in Texas while at TT for two years. Other than his venture to west Texas, his coaching career has been in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and eastward.

But if BB says Scotts name kept coming to the top in the search for 3-4 experience then lets see what he can do. Salary will be interesting.

Look up the name Doug Mallory

The defensive coordinator, Matt Wallerstedt, actually was fired the week after the Arkansas game there in 2014 for being under the influence of drugs while at work. Wallerstedt brought Scott to Texas Tech, so I don’t think it was a surprise he wasn’t going to be back after that season.

You hinting that he is the new LB coach?

I just read his Wikipedia…is he interested in the opening at LB???

Under Defensive Coordinator Mallory Indiana has ranked last in the Big Ten in total defense in each of Mallory’s three seasons as coordinator, including 106th nationally (463.5) in 2012 and 109th (458.7) in 2011.

Indiana allowed an average of 514.8 yards in Big Ten play in 2012, meaning Mallory presided over two of the three defenses in conference history that gave up more than 500 yards per game.

He was fired in January of 2014.

Have to give myself an extra rap across the knuckles for forgetting Wallerstedt “resigned” during the season. Sorry about that Matt.

Does this mean that CBB and Kingsbury will hang out at Coach Scott’s BBQ’s? That could be a hoot!

Seriously, I think you made a big jump there so let’s see what he does on the Hill before assuming he was hired to fire up the charcoal.

We can debate his hire at length. However, I still say “show me” and that won’t happen until this fall.

I don’t know, but CBB hinted at talking to someone who was coaching in the SuperBowl. He was. And he is listed as an assistant LB coach, not an actual LB coach. He had a lot of B1G connections from what I saw. Coming out of left field, it could make sense.

Give him a chance, wait and see, up and comer , etc…, how much time does B have??

Also what difference would this hire have made in this past class? At best we he will send him into Georiga and recruit some scrubs. Where is the return on this investment ? It just makes no sense to me. Screams of plan F… Like a serious reach

Sad day to be a Hog fan.

Not because of Scott being named DL coach, but because of the number of message board fans who don’t know one solitary thing about Scott that is relevant to the fact he is our DL coach.

The worst are the “TTech in 2014” fans - I’ve yet to read anywhere an accurate assessment of the dumpster fire that was the Tech defense in 2014…for reasons beyond the control of the first-year position coach.

I don’t know of anyone who has had a chance to dissect film but by god they have an opinion, largely connected to the fact they don’t recognize his name.

I will wait, at least, until I hear the presser where CBB and maybe Paul Rhoads talk about the role Rhoads played in seeking out DL coaches. If we are switching to the 3-4 you better have a tactician up front teaching the position. You better have a position coach who is in sync with the coordinator.

Don’t you think it will help to have another black assistant with ties to the South, Southeast, and Texas? If there were locker room, leadership, or chemistry issues this is a positive step.

Jump to conclusions much? Recruit some scrubs? Plan F? Geez…

This is the same thread I read when Segrest was hired, just replaced the name with John Scott Groundhog Day…

Exactly. But now, he’ll be part of the new, fifth annual, “best staff ever”.

I hope he’s a great hire. We’ll see next fall.

I respect your opinion . However I will look at the resume, fired from Texas Tech, never recruited at an SEC level, no creditable results recruiting in are recruiting area. I will also factor in that this is a hire we could have made months ago, he is a lower paid ast coach, and B’s history of hiring at Arkansas, and develop my opinion.

I believe you still have faith and Trust in B. I don’t have any more faith or Trust.

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