John Scott Jr new DL coach … ine-coach/

I guess this is the guy. Out of left field again.

Confirmed. And he coached at Texas Tech, for those clamoring for a coach with Texas ties.

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Arkansas now has three juniors on its staff:

Barry Lunney Jr.

Vernon Hargreaves Jr.

John Scott Jr.

His coaching past would indicate he would have some recruiting ties in the South.

Hope he’s learned a few things since 2014.
I know AC ripped his Dline and defense as a whole a part.

Hopefully, the jets have always had a good d line I imagine he learned some valuable tools there.

I figure young players will like him, young guy who used to play. Could be a good recruiter too, has a lot of ties to the south.

There is no Wikipedia article on John Scott Jr.

This appears to be an upgrade- NFL guy, 3-4 guy, Texas knowledge

Segrest was an NFL assistant, too, who had experience coaching the scheme Arkansas used at the time. I think time will tell if it is an upgrade.

I posted this because there is a Wikipedia page for him. Google John Scott NY Jets and his wiki page shows up. I copied it and put it on here but it for some reason isn’t posting

Ahh yes he did but we hired RS from Samford. We have hired Scott directly from the NFL. It may not mean much but it sounds good for recruiting.

RS played for Bama and coached at Samford in B’ham but he was never very productive in recruiting the area. I was surprised.

Absolutely - actually resume very similar. Both with some NFL experience but primarily coached at smaller colleges. His DL gave up 438 yards rushing to Hogs in Lubbock.

Only way to fairly describe this hire is at best wait and see

Fair enough. But porque’s link didn’t take you there.

Bravo for saying it Matt… I do not see this as an upgrade and I do not see this as an upgrade in recruiting. Because someone went from Georgia Southern to Texas Tech to what amounts to an NFL GA… this is not a proven SEC level coach with a recruiting network we can exploit… This is another hire where are coach called up his buddy Hobbs at Texas Tech and got another buddy.

We need someone that is proven, not a BBQ buddy…

Mercy, you made quite a conclusion jump there. He is hired so why don’t we give him a chance before discounting him. Since the Hogs defensive line from this past season left a very low threshold, an upgrade is not only likely, I would say it’s almost impossible for it not to be one. Let’s give him a chance.

Neither does mine. That’s what I was saying, I saw the name and googled it. There was a Wikipedia page, but for some reason the link won’t copy to here. Never had that issue before

Have to say I just can’t see this as a good hire, so help me God. Flat out awful IMO.

I can’t see how people can see this as a good hire or a bad hire. I’m like Matt, I think it’s a wait-and-see hire. I don’t know him, and I doubt many, if any, on here do.

John Scott Jr.

He may be the missing piece but I can tell you from gauging reaction on Razorback related message boards the hire is very, very underwhelming.

Again he may be the best thing since sliced bread but the majority of the fanbase is responding with a “John Who”

The worrisome part is RECRUITS WILL DO THE SAME atleast until their is some personal contact/familiarity.