John McDonnell


That’s really cool.

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Would love to see it in person

That is so awesome, amen and amen.
Great impact on so many lives.

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Would love to know the details.
UA…Campus of Champions

Quite an honor for a Razorback legend that might better be highlighted. County Mayo honors a native son and perhaps our current athletic direct will see this news is preserve by acknowledgement in the Field House built with his sucess, Great leader.

The man deserves all the focus and attention the Hogs can pour on him. JM set records that mere mortals can only dream about.

Well deserved recognition and more.
JM won championships when AR didn’t have the awesome Tyson facility to. Thanks to him we have one of the best track programs and facilities in the nation.

The Outdoor Track Stadium is named for him

Here is a closer look at the plaque.

Oops…my message did not convey my intent clearly. Allow me to better by clarifying that my intent was to, in some manner, publicly archive the Ardagh, Ballina, County Mayo event. Thank you for noting the distinction between the Tyson indoor facility and John McDonald Field. WPS!!

It looks like @redpig got caught by the auto-correct bug. McDonnell :grinning:

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The Irish newspaper clipping is a good read. It gives more detail on McDonnell’s personal athletic accomplishments in Ireland than I have read before.

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