John McDaid

I read Tom Murphy’s article today about his interview with John McDaid, the supervisor of officials with the SEC. On two occasions McDaid uses the term “strong suspicion” in talking about what the referee may have thought during the intentional grounding/fumble debacle. How does he only have a strong suspicion? Hasn’t he talked to the referee yet to find out exactly what he was thinking? There’s a colossal screwup by one of your crews and two days later you still don’t know what was the referee’s thought process on a play that changed the outcome of the game? The SEC just continues to screw this up.

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Well that’s not how they ruled in the Mizzu game when whistle blew because refs thought it was incomplete forward pass. (Review proved otherwise). It took the Mizzu player at least 2 tries to recover the ball in the end zone, while most other players from both sides had already stopped playing.
Can’t just blame their mistake solely on the spike. If the ref was locked in as he says, then he clearly saw the QB turn and spike it behind himself. Pure incompetence plain n simple.

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The SEC saying that review got the call correct is incorrect according to NCAA rules on intentional grounding which is what the officials ultimately called it.
Intentional grounding, states clearly that the ball must be thrown forward and in this case that did not take place.
The SEC lost all credibility with regard to officiating over this ruling both on the field and it’s ruling after the review and it’s shameful attempt to cover up an obvious mistake that decided the outcome of a game wrongly.


i think the head of that refereeing crew needs to lose his job as the head guy, because its apparent he does not have what it takes to make the right decisions. Jason Autry needs to be demoted and that job given to someone that can make the right decision and if John McDaid cant see that then he needs to go too. If you ain’t got the guts to get it right, find something else to do!!!


My issue with this screwup is simple.
It was a fumble on a backwards pass. There is a recovery by Arkansas that can be seen on video so replay didn’t work and their explanation to this point!

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And to think we are supposed to believe if Foucha recovered the ball on 1st try they would have ruled AR ball. But not 2-3 seconds later when he did recover it. What a crock.

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They wouldn’t have given the hogs the ball under no set of circumstances!
That’s apparent by watching the choke hold an Auburn OLinemen has on Morgan! The hold want called either on that play. The SEC is a joke when it comes of refs!

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Obviously, they made several mistakes in that sequence. They also did not allow – and admit it – Arkansas coaches to decline the 10-second run-off.

Sad stuff.

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As my buddy said today, each and every call and factor in that process went Auburn’s way. Not one call, not one in that fiasco went in Arkansas favor.

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I really don’t regard John McDaid to have integrity - What I get from this is - The SEC is still hurting from the national press that is calling them out for incompetence or graft

I know what he said but this is what I heard;

“Yes mistakes were made by the rent a crew on the field - But ‘my people’ in the booth got it right - Sorry Arkansas - Here is this bitter pill - swallow it and like it - get over it - “Your Arkansas” not Auburn.”

In the end - We have lived a History where the SEC simply dismisses Arkansas

So what now?

Keep improving and like in the old days in the SWC when the Officials were ALL from texas and even flew in on the same airplane as the texas team Arkansas was playing

The SEC is a old South incest league and what Arkansas has to do is recognize the prejudice - donot expect it to be fair - expect to simply have to beat them so badly there is no questions - On to Beating Ole Miss

There’s very little national press actually

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Well I google and I find a fare amount of critique over this

Ive heard remarks about this everyday this week on Sports Radio in the Bluegrass and Arkansas football isn’t a normal item of discussion

UK fans esply dislike SEC preferential treatment of the legacy football programs - but funny they are totally in support of the SEC decisions that protect UK basketball LOl

I’ll give you regional press but not national

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I wouldn’t consider Dick Vitale and Golf Digest to be regional.

I have avoided speaking this observation but maybe it’s what the “High Rollers” in Vegas sometimes call the “Referee Edge” - a Ivy League Professor evidently did a study on it

Basically Its the unintentional bias officials or even a single official has because the reputation of a program creates “intimidation” when calling against them

Basically when a call is not clear cut you call against the interest of the lower ranked team -

We had a “rent a Crew” for our Game and Yes think about it - Your an Official who wants to be a ful time SEC Referee - called upon a regular basis and move up form the Sunbelt

I know Bo Mattingly - on his show - spoke to this subject a number of times that is what made me look for the info

What we had last Saturday was an SEC Officiating crew that was not ready for prime time and a Mc Daid at the SEC front office put a crew on the field that wasn’t ready - there is no accountability from him - just “The team I put on the field screwed up - Its a bitter pill - swallow it” - and essentially - “Get over it Arkansas I owe you nothing more”

As for the SEC Front Office - they aren’t against Arkansas - They just don’t care as Mc daid words tell me - They could care less about what helps us or Hurts us - they are very dismissive of Arkansas -

Its like the old SWC except - Arkansas gets paid better and that is a major improvement over the SWC

Got to move on and build a program ourselves and Win but for this fan No more “SEC Chants at Bowl Games”

I think Sam Pittman can be the guy that makes Arkansas that barbarian tribe again that we were in the SWC

Its going the right direction - Got to beat Ole Miss however to support all the positive press and faith people have placed in the program - Winning fixes everything and I hope when Arkansas ends the years - the Razorback win loss record has an Asterisk by it all the national polls that points our SEC Officials corrupted the Arkansas win loss record and Arkansas is really a one more win team than the SEC Officials had the courage to allow

Barbarian Tribe.

I like that a lot.

Thank you. Does the Barbarian Tribe bring it’s own bourbon? I would think it does.

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I wonder how Mcdaid and crew would have called it if it was Alabama in our very same shoes?

Dick vitale? That’s who you’re bringing

It does and Go Hogs be Boarbarians

Time to be Arkansas again and watching that “Swarming Defense” today reminded me of days gone by

and just like in days of old - When Arkansas has a ALL League Caliber QB with some weapons around him - Arkansas Offense finds a way to win

They simply are the dreaded Barbarians (Boarbarians if you will) that upsets polite aloof society the Like Utexas (Spit) thinks of itself and of course the Charter members of the SEC

Lets do some burning down of old SEC

Sipped Woodford Bourbon tonight as the razorbacks Burned Ole Miss - Its was awesoem

Love our 3* and 1 Hogs

HLM…Hog’s lives matter.