John L. Smith fired...

After 3 years as HC of Division 2 Kentucky State. He was 0-10 this year and only won 7 games in 3 years (7-25).

JL had some financial issues a few years ago. He filed for bankruptcy in 2012. He’s 70 years old so it’s likely he won’t be getting many coaching offers. Hopefully he’s able to retire and enjoy life.

His tenure here was really bad but it seemed he was a good man. Best to Coach Smith.

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Smith actually was the coach of the year in his conference his first year at Kentucky State and led the team to a division championship. That is an HBCU school and conference. He was the first non-African American coach hired in that conference, which has been around 105 years.

It makes me sad how some folks like to beat someone who is already down.

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