John Gentry talks about committing to Arkansas (story)..

Oh, and stay tuned. … -arkansas/


Nice get - good evaluation of a kid with limited exposure due to playing behind the #1 TB in the country. Plays against elite competition. … 32225?s=20

Good get, looks like a lot of potential. The lack of P5 offers id have to assume is solely because of being overshadowed by the other guy, because Gentry is really good, and really fast.

Love that attitude.

But, id rather him start by proving he’s the best Rb at his high school.

He would be a top 5 player in the country to be the starting RB at his school. And he wouldnt be committed to Arkansas if he was

I know lol.

I was saying in reference to his tweet, where he promised to be the greatest RB in Arkansas history, that he should start first by proving he’s better than the guy at his school. Just a light hearted joke from someone who will never rank anyone above Dmac.
But, I love the attitude, wish every player thought like that.

Obviously if he was to out do the #1 back in the country, we wouldn’t have a dog in the fight. I’m glad we do, because I do think Gentry is really good.

My bad, I didnt read the tweet. Your response makes more sense now lol.

If they are only taking two then the NLR kid may want to think about getting on the train sooner rather than later … 078066a30b

good looking back,lot of speed and pretty physical.